Light Dessert: OJ, Basil Strawberry Salad

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When I saw that the first strawberries of the year were available on the market stalls, I almost fainted.

I did not expect to see them for another month and a half, but the winter in France was so warm that it does not surprise me so much.

So, if you are lucky and the strawberries are out in your country as well, I share with you a very reasonable but very surprising recipe of fruit salad. The basil and the strawberries fit wonderfully well together. No need for sugar here! Orange juice is there to break the acidity of the strawberry and bring a little sweetness. I’m sure you’ll be surprised!

Let’s start!


Basil Strawberry SaladPhoto: @TheFrenchWaytoHealth


OJ, Basil Strawberry Salad

Yield: 4 – Prep time: 10 min – Resting time: 1h

What you’ll need


  • A cutting board
  • A cutting knife
  • 1 citrus juicer
  • a bowl


  • 500g (1 Lb) of Strawberries
  • 1 orange
  • 4-6 fresh basil leaves


Here is my philosophy : use whatever you have in your pantry that is close to the ingredients above if it is more convenient for you. Everyday cooking is fun, it should not be a dictatorship !
Moreover, This is how you create unique recipes which will be yours.
First, remove the stems of the strawberries and cut them in 4.
Basil Strawberry SaladPhoto: @TheFrenchWaytoHealth
Then juice the orange and cut finely the basil leaves in little strips.
Finally, combine the OJ, basil and strawberries in a big bowl, cover it (with plastic wrapper or a plate) and let them at room temperature for at least 1h. It allows the flavors to infuse and combine smoothly.

Serve right away!


Basil Strawberry SaladPhoto: @TheFrenchWaytoHealth

Et voilà!



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