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Over thousands of people read my material on TFWtH. They learn the habits and "rules" French people use to not get fat while having the reputation to eat all those fatty foods. That means achieve the French Health. As a result, they can achieve cooking their own meal efficiently and enjoy whole foods while eating mindfully. But most of all they never ever use the word diet again.

At the end, mastering those french habits, you'll start losing that weight... The French way.


"First lesson : Home is where the cat and food are"

I started this site while I was at my last year at studying my engineering school. I wanted to share my experience and finally shout out the truth about a healthy life and a healthy body. While I was reading those health magazines and blogs, I saw all these “tips” that fitness or diet coaches kept throwing around- like “eat 6 meals a day” and “stop eating carbs after 3 PM”-I realized most of it made no sense. I realized that most of it was completely against all the habits my family and entourage had taught me. And I realized experts loved to tell people what to do… but nobody was actually doing it.

Be honest:

  • Almost nobody keeps on a diet
  • Nobody wants to stop eating carbs after 3PM
  • Almost nobody wants to be told what they can’t eat -no bread, no pasta, no ice cream, no going out with friends at a restaurant - for life ?

I want you to love your life. Instead of saying “no” to eating everything, I want you to say YES. I knew there was a better way to achieve a healthy life and a healthy body- if we can use psychology and consistency (hello habits) on what actually works on the long term. Not just for losing weight, but all aspects of life: mental health, physical health, relationships and more.

We French love life, I want you to do the same ! And life cannot be loved if you do not enjoy what you eat.

Since then, I’ve decided  to share with the world the french way of apprehending food via The French Way to Health.