Friday in France #3: one restaurant, one tea, one book

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Here is your weekly dose of a “Friday in France” a list of what I’m enjoying or pondering.
Those past weeks, I’ve been the luckiest person in the world as I got the chance to travel to South Africa. It is indeed a magical place : nature, animals, landscapes, people and of the course the food was delightful. Please, please: if you are trying to select destination for your next trip, consider Africa, you will NOT be disappointed.
So this Friday is under South African colors ! Be ready because I surely will be influenced by African tastes in my cooking on the future.

Restaurant I’m going to

Friday in France











The Pot Luck  Club – Cape Town

I had the most delightful present for my birthday as I was taken to the Pot Luck Club in Cape Town.

First, let’s talk about the view: you are enjoying a 360° view on Table Mountain and False Bay as the restaurant is based on the top floor of the Silo of the Old Biscuit Mill on Albert Road, Woodstock.

Then, the food (brunch): lamb perfectly cooked, revisited fish tacos that you gobble in one bite, amazing lemon pie and smore’s for dessert. Luke knows what he is doing.

If you are in Cape Town, don’t hesitate to go, you won’t be disappointed.

Tea (kinda) I’m drinking

Friday In FranceRooibos

I am one of those coffee lovers.  But, sometimes I can go a little bit overboard with caffeine and I know I have to cut down.

Well, Africa thank you for rooibos. Indeed, no caffeine, can have a subtle taste as an infusion, perfect before bed but can be more powerful, used in your espresso machine as a red cappuccino (this, guys, is heaven).





Book I’m reading

Friday in FranceThe Great South African Cookbook

Nothing better than the book description :”67* of South Africa’s finest cooks, chefs, gardeners, bakers, farmers, foragers and local food heroes let us into their homes – and their hearts – as they share the recipes they make for the people they love. Each recipe is accompanied by stunning original photography that captures the essence of our beautiful country.”

Well said, a lot of inspiration in this book with beautiful pictures that make me want to try everything.





Are you enjoying “Friday in France” ?

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Which item above is your favorite?
What do you want more or less of? Let me know!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend, y’all.

Author: Emilie Durand

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