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Emilie is a French parisian, food lover and founder of thefrenchwaytohealth.com

Over thousands of people read my material to learn how to use techniques, psychology and systems to live a healthy life. That could mean cooking your own meal efficiently, enjoying whole foods, eating mindfully, never ever using the word diet again, and loosing weight... The french way.

I don’t believe in lecturing you about saving your calories on sugary lattes. Instead, I show you how to focus on Big Wins that worth a lot. Master those and get on with your healthy life.

The French Way to Health


Most of my life, I did not gave a single damn about my weight. As in most French houses,  cooking, eating and enjoying your food was sacred in my family. So far as I can remember, I can see myself cooking with my mother and grandmother, knowing I’ll enjoy a wonderful meal.





But then, something terrible happened. Two things that, alone are harmless, but combined together, are awful for your health and self-esteem;

The combo : the student life diet & the Vanity Fair “lay off 10 pounds in 5 days!”
Burgers you eat before a party, Chinese-food you get delivered to study for a test, frozen-meals you bring to lunch, that happened.

I was finishing my engineering school in Paris and like most students in the world I was stressed by exams and also living the not-so-healthy student life. I had gain a little weight throughout my first years of school. And well, I wanted to loose it.

There comes the well-known yo-yo effect.




You know it, you’ve tested it, you’ve hated it. And maybe like me,one day you gave up.

You know what changed?  I got tired of all of this dieting shit, watching my family and friends, living their life and me, refusing refusing to be a part of it. Eating low fat pre-prepared meals at home and refusing dining out, every single time. I got tired of the fear to cook something flavorful, the French way.

I finally said ENOUGH! And did something about it.

I decided to get back to basics, back to the time I was a kiddo, preparing meals with my mother, enjoying my food, living the life. I got back to cooking my own food, the French way, flavorful, easy and with season ingredients.





I enjoyed my food more than ever, I enjoyed sharing it with friends and family, I enjoyed to just let go of that fear of liking my food.

And guess what? The weight that I was so eager to lose? I lost it.

I lost more than I wanted, enjoying it because I was not deprived.

I started this site while I was at my last year at studying my engineering school. I wanted to share my experience and finally shout out the truth about a healthy life and a healthy body. While I was trying all these diets, I saw all these “tips” that fitness or diet coachs kept throwing around- like “eat 6 meals a day” and “stop eating carbs after 3 PM”-I realized most of it made no sense. And I realized experts loved to tell people what to do… but nobody was actually doing it.

Be honest:

  • Almost nobody keeps on a diet
  • Almost nobody wants to stop eating carbs after 3PM
  • Who wants to be told what they can’t eat -no bread, no pasta, no ice cream, no going out with friends at a restaurant?

Instead of saying “no” to eating everything, I wanted you to say YES. I knew there was a better way to achieve a healthy life and a healthy body- if we can use psychology and consistency on what actually works on the long term. Not just for losing weight, but all aspects of life: mental health, physical health, relationships and more.

Since then, I’ve decided to test and share my findings with the world via The French Way to Health.

I recently found a quick study which got me fascinated. People were asked “What’s something you CLAIM is important… but you don’t do ?”. One of the answers was: “I keep saying I want to run 3x/week, but I can never seem to do it.” When asked: “Why not start once a week?”, the response was amazing “Why would I run once/week ? That wouldn’t accomplish anything.”

The person would rather dream about running 3x/week than actually run once a week.

All of us “know” what we should be doing: We should be eating more greens, working out more, having better relationship with our friends and family
So why don’t we do it? Could it be that we don’t just need more INFORMATION… and instead we need to master the psychology, systems and precise guides that will help us do what we ALREADY know we need to do?

My site is designed to give you the information you may already know to live a healthy life but more importantly, to show the exact systems to help you get it. And some of this  is very counter intuitive.


 Willpower is limited. Remember the “Yo Yo Effect”? Simply trying harder doesn’t work. Neither does pursuing your passion. But there ARE systems that will help: For example, I’ll show you the exact system I use to automate my meal planning, which allows me to spend less than 1hour/month on my planning and hit all my goals (that includes eating croissants, guilt-free).