Bec Sucré: Perfect Tiramisu

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I know that Tiramisu is not your priority at the beginning of 2017. New year, new you.

Maybe you’ve decided to loose some weight or just be healthier overall, uh?

Guess what? Homemade Tiramisu SHOULD definitely be a part of your brand new super extra healthy diet.

Why? Because:

  1. It’s homemade, with good ingredients
  2. It keeps you sane!
  3. It is f****g delicious

I am here again with my favorite motto: balance is key! Be good 80% of the time, be bad the 20% remaining.

So there is my most secret family recipe for the perfect tiramisu (seriously this recipe is insane).

Let’s start!


perfect tiramisu

perfect tiramisu


Yield: 4 servings – Prep time: 20 min – Resting time: 4 hours

What you’ll need

  • around 24 biscuits à la cuillère  (or you can always use Biscoff biscuits)
  • 8,8 oz (250g) creamy mascarpone (or you can use cream cheese but the taste is definitely better with mascarpone)
  • 1 1/4 cup (75g) sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 cups of very strong coffee
  • 2 drops of vanilla extract
  • 4 squares of dark chocolate
  • unsweetened cacao powder
  • a sprinkle of fine salt


Here is my philosophy : use whatever you have in your pantry that is close to the ingredients above if it is more convenient for you. Everyday cooking is fun, it should not be a dictatorship !
Moreover, This is how you create unique recipes which will be yours.



First, separate the egg whites and the yolks. Put the yolks in the biggest bowl and the whites in the smallest one.

Add the sugar to the yolks. Mix it with the hand mixer until the eggs and sugar start to get fluffy (little bubbles on the surface should appear).

Then, add the mascarpone and mix until completely blended with the eggs and sugar. Add the vanilla drops. Give it a good mix and leave it on the side.

perfect tiramisu

perfect tiramisu

Take the bowl with the egg whites, add the salt and start mixing on high speed with the electric mixer. The whites should become fluffy in 5 min. They have to become firm.

They are perfect when you can put the bowl upside down without them falling on the floor!

When the egg whites are done, it’s time to mix them with the mascarpone preparation. This step is capital for the perfect tiramisu texture!

You should not “break” the egg whites. Add the whites to the mascarpone preparation little by little. When mixing, try to “fold” the whites into the preparation, being as gentle as you can.

At the end, you should get a fluffy and soft blend.

perfect tiramisu

Then let’s go to the next step. Get the serving dish, the coffee (lukewarm) and the biscuits.

Pour the coffee in a small bowl or soup plate. Dip the biscuit in the coffee. The goal is not to have them completely soaked, the biscuit shall remain in shape and become mushy.

I’ve found the best way to do it is: 2s on one side, then flip it for 2 seconds on the other side.

Dispose the biscuits on the bottom of the dish, try to be regular!

When you have the first layer of biscuit, cover them with the mascarpone cream. The mascarpone layer should not be too thin and not too thick.

White a knife, cut the chocolate squares into tiny pieces. Sprinkle them on the mascarpone layer.

Then, repeat with another  biscuit layer + mascarpone layer.

Add the touche finale with a sprinkle of unsweetened cacao powder on the top.

Put the dish in the fridge for at least 4h. But I’ve found that the secret for the perfect tiramisu is definitely to leave it there overnight!

Et voilà !

perfect tiramisu


perfect tiramisu——-

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Author: Emilie Durand

Emilie is a French food lover, proud Parisian and founder of On her website, she shares delicious recipes, health tips and tricks. Her goal is to gather and share the habits and rules that have been used and approved by French people for decades. That means cooking your own meals efficiently, enjoying whole foods, eating mindfully and never ever using the word diet again while losing weight.

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